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FUNDING : Apply for THE SKATEROOM’s Social Skate Project

Are you an official nonprofit organisation or social skate charity meeting a current need in your neighbourhood? Submit your application for THE SKATEROOM's Social Skate Project 2024 right away.

The goal of THE SKATEROOM is social impact; without their close collaborations with more than 40 outstanding social skate projects worldwide, they could not have accomplished their goal on such a large scale.

Emphasis Areas

When evaluating prospects, they pay particular attention to four important factors.
Gender Equity: Through programming, initiatives, and staff representation, every project prioritises the inclusion of females and all gender expanding identities.

Inclusion of Minority Populations: The inclusion of identified minorities varies based on local political climate and topography. Social partners should work to remove any social barriers that would keep any of their participants from being able to access their programmes. To entice people who are experiencing social exclusion of any kind to engage in their programmes, social partners should exhibit action-oriented projects.

Economic Empowerment: Social partners must show local investment in order to guarantee the long-term viability of their projects.

Project Sustainability: Partners are required to show diversity in their funding sources, financial reserves, short- and long-term development objectives, and financial policies. It is essential to make workforce and capacity building investments.

Don't miss out on the application deadline which is 31st December 2023.

Scroll down for more details and click on the official link attached to apply now.

Additional Information

Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
Over the course of a year, money ranging from $10,000 to $30,000 will be provided by THE SKATEROOM and distributed on a quarterly basis. This implies that you should anticipate receiving financing every three months, beginning in February and ending in December, assuming your company is chosen.

Applications will be evaluated in January 2024, and you should hear back by January 30th if you are chosen.
A detailed budget for project expenses must be included in your proposal; you may want to include an upper and lower limit that you believe your project can realistically achieve.
Eligibility Criteria
- The organisation ought to be a recognised nonprofit. Projects must be able to demonstrate what kind of legal entity or status they hold in their home country, even if this status may vary from nation to nation.

- The proposed project needs to address a community need that already exists.
- An effect reporting system or monitoring and evaluation framework must be in place for the project.
Throughout the collaboration, THE SKATEROOM and the project must be able to communicate on a frequent basis.

- The SKATEROOM places great importance on the following elements, and organisations will be chosen depending on how well they can integrate them into their goals and operations:
Gender parity
Including underrepresented groups
empowerment in the economy
The sustainability project
Eligible Countries
All Countries

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