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World Forum for Democracy

Fully Funded to France :Apply to be part of the Youth Delegation to the World Forum for Democracy 2024 in Strasbourg

Global decision-makers and activists can discuss solutions to major issues facing democracies throughout the world on the exclusive platform of the World Forum for Democracy. Can we bridge the differences between democracy and diversity? is the theme of the 2024 World Forum for Democracy.

The World Forum for Democracy in 2024 will discuss the serious dangers that misinformation and divisive political narratives about diversity pose, particularly in the context of political campaigns.

The Forum will concentrate on how voting procedures unintentionally deepen social divisions and create an environment that is conducive to populism.

Given the gravity of this issue, the Forum will look into measures to increase public awareness of the threats that populism poses to their fundamental freedoms and rights.

Don't miss out on the application deadline which is 30 June 2024, 23:59 CET.

Additional Information

Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
travel costs

In accordance with Council of Europe regulations, reimbursement for travel expenditures and visa fees will be granted upon presentation of the necessary receipts. Reimbursement is only available to those who attend the whole event, which includes the World Forum for Democracy and pre-Forum training. Following the Forum, the payment will be made via bank transfer. Travel tickets that are prepaid are only possible in very special and justifiable circumstances.

The Council of Europe provides and covers board and housing during the activity dates (arrival on Sunday, November 3 and departure on Saturday, November 9). Accommodations for participants will be provided at Strasbourg's European Youth Centre.
Eligibility Criteria
The youth delegation will gather 60 participants aged 18-30, showcasing diverse perspectives on democracy and diversity. To participate in the World Forum 2024, applicants must be English-speaking, active in youth organizations, motivated to share experiences, and able to participate fully in the preparation process. The group will represent various world regions, with a majority of participants from Council of Europe member states.
Eligible Countries
All Countries

Fully Funded to France :Apply to be part of the Youth Delegation to the World Forum for Democracy 2024 in Strasbourg 0 reviews

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