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The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is offering a remote learning consulting opportunity

The UN Secretariat's OCHA division is in charge of bringing together humanitarian players to guarantee a cogent response to crises. guarantees that a framework is in place so that any actor may participate in the overall response effort.

An inception report assessing current learning initiatives, best practises, and possible improvements will be provided by the consultant. With an emphasis on low-cost initiatives and collaborations, the review report will offer practical suggestions for enhancing learning for funds managed by OCHA. Along with activities and a plan for putting these ideas into action and keeping them going, the report will also include an organised learning framework. The key conclusions and suggestions will be given in a presentation.

Accountabilities and Obligations

The consultant's goal is to create possibilities for the Pooled Funds Management Branch's (PFMB) educational programmes. It will evaluate the methods used now, point out any gaps, and suggest a comprehensive method of instruction. The research will assess current programmes, list recommended practises, look at possible improvements, and create a framework for organised learning. The consultant will provide methods for converting learning into policy recommendations and OCHA talks, as well as sample learning initiatives, partnerships, and impactful and affordable ways to spread learning. Increasing partner and donor trust in the Branch's dedication to learning is the aim.

Although the work is done remotely, it still needs to be done during New York office hours.

Being proficient in both French and English is required and preferred.

Don't miss out on the application deadline which is 24th November 2023.

For additional information, continue scrolling down, and to apply, visit the official link that is attached.

Additional Information

Event Duration
3 Months
Program Type
Fully Funded
Eligibility Criteria
It is necessary to have a Master's degree in international affairs, development, public policy, education, or a similar discipline; a Ph.D. is preferred. Acceptance of a first-class university degree is possible. It is necessary to have at least eight years of professional experience in learning, knowledge management, humanitarian work, and international development.
Eligible Countries
All Countries

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is offering a remote learning consulting opportunity 0 reviews

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