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REMOTE JOB OPPORTUNITY : Oxfam is hiring a Trainer/Facilitator -Online Capacity Strengthening

Applications are open for the role of  a Trainer/Facilitator -Online Capacity Strengthening.

Oxfam is a global movement of individuals working to eradicate injustice and poverty via combating inequality.

Overview of Oxfam International
We collaborate with people in all areas—from the local to the global—to combat disparities, address the underlying causes of poverty, and implement revolutionary changes while providing life-saving assistance in times of need. Our dedication to the universality of human rights serves as the only basis for our activities. We take a global stance against poverty and inequalities, motivated by diversity and based on facts and experience. Our thinking, deeds, and interactions are significantly influenced by feminist perspectives.

Concerning WE-Care
In order to achieve gender equality and economic growth, Oxfam's flagship programme, Women's Economic Empowerment and Care (WE-Care), aims to close the gender gap in unpaid care and domestic work (UCDW). Phase 5.1 of WE-Care (2023–2024), currently in its fifth phase, has two additional components, a regional (Pan African) one and a global one, including four nations in East and Southern Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Phase V of WE-Care addresses the following areas of revolutionary change:

In order to provide online capacity building trainings in subjects including advocacy, communication, programme administration, and financial management, WE-Care is looking for certified trainers. Each training session will include about thirty participants and be led by WE-Care partners, country teams, and the PMU. The instructor will design a plan and methodology, lead half-day sessions, choose training days, employ interactive engagement techniques, carry out pre- and post-training assessments, write a report on the session, and provide an easily navigable manual.

A work plan, assessment, effective facilitation, technical guidance, a final report on task implementation, and an easily navigable guide are among the anticipated outcomes.

A three-to five-day training programme, lasting half a day each day, will be conducted by the trainer in their designated area of competence.

The WE-Care team is inviting teams to submit documents by 29th December 2023, including an EoI, a summary of the scope of work, a tentative work plan, contact information of referees, an example of similar work, a curriculum vitae, and a financial proposal.

The title of each application should clearly state: WE-Care Capacity Needs Training_(area of interest), such as WE-Care Capacity Needs Training_Advocacy and Influencing, WE-Care Capacity Needs Training_Communication and Digital Rights, WE-Care Capacity Needs Training_Program Management, or WE-Care Capacity Needs Training_Financial Management. Applications should be sent to ssc.consultancy@oxfam.org.

Additional Information

Host Institution
Oxfam International
Event Duration
It is projected that the trainings will take place from January to March of 2024. The completion of each course must be done in five working days; three to five days is the average amount of time.
Program Type
Fully Funded
Eligibility Criteria
- A minimum of a master's degree in social science or a related field is required for the chosen capacity building area.
- substantial experience—at least five years—in experience finishing workshops and trainings for organisations
- extensive familiarity with Africa's care economy
- vast expertise in capacity building
- shown a high degree of professionalism, the capacity to work on one's own, and the ability to meet deadlines
- Outstanding interpersonal communication abilities, including the ability to deliver and facilitate workshops and training sessions
- a track record of success and a deep understanding of the concepts, procedures, methods, and systems of project management
- outstanding written and communication abilities in English
Eligible Countries
All Countries

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