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Internship :With a monthly stipend of USD1,301.10 : Apply for the Awaji Youth Federation Fellowship 2024 in Japan

The Awaji Youth Federation, located at Manabi no Sato, serves as the hosting organization for the AYF Fellowship, spanning nine months and held on Awaji Island in Japan. This program offers a multicultural setting for selected Fellows to develop their skills while adapting to the demands of the Japanese business landscape, utilizing an innovative "learning by doing" approach.

Under the banner of "Turning your Imagination into Action," AYF collaborates with the Pasona Group to devise sustainable corporate solutions for societal challenges. Situated on Awaji Island in Japan, Fellows contribute a unique global perspective to the local community.

AYF, in partnership with the Pasona Group, endeavors to address long-term societal issues and crises. AYF Fellows have a remarkable opportunity to apply their diverse global perspectives within the specialized regional community of Awaji Island in Japan.

To accomplish its goals, AYF has selected four primary themes for its Fellowship activities: PR and Marketing, Design and Technology, Art and Music, and Health and Wellness.

With the AYF Fellowship, participants will have the opportunity to design, support, and carry out initiatives that further the objectives of both the Pasona Group and AYF in significant areas like wellness, inbound tourism, and culture. It is an interesting internship programme.

In order to promote cooperation and optimise results, the AYF Academy, AYF Global, Regional Revitalization, and New Initiatives connect project assignments with fellows' interests and professional aspirations.

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Additional Information

Host Institution
Awaji Youth Federation
Event Duration
9 months
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
Benefits: Basic wages and overtime are covered for JPY 197,000 per month.a private area styled in Japanese or Western design.expenses related to utilities, such power and Wi-Fi.It is the fellows' obligation to provide meals. But Pasona does have inexpensive dinners.Every week, five days are devoted to labour and education.After six months of fellowship, a ten-day paid leave is granted.Affordable online Japanese language education is possible; housing and utilities are included.Government taxes, insurance payments, and pensions will all be subtracted.The cost of the fellows' travel to and from Japan is on them.
Eligibility Criteria
Candidates need to possess the following:

The ideal age range for the applicant is between 24 and 30 years old.obtained a bachelor's or master's degree after finishing school.A TOEIC 800 or higher in English language skills is required for non-native speakers.Japanese language proficiency for JLPT levels N1–N3.two to three years of experience in a fellowship focused on finding answers to societal problems and assisting AYF activities.Honour diligence, self-control, and consideration for others.Strong, resilient, and flexible—able to translate ideas into real-world applications.Those who have already participated in and been members of the AYF Global Community are given preference.
Eligible Countries
All Countries

Internship :With a monthly stipend of USD1,301.10 : Apply for the Awaji Youth Federation Fellowship 2024 in Japan 0 reviews

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