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FUNDING : Apply for the UNVTF Small Grants Programme to support Human Trafficking Victims

The seventh cycle of the Small Grants Programme has begun, funded by the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons.

CSO initiatives assisting victims of human trafficking in Central Asia, East and Southern Europe, and Africa will be the focus of the Special Window Call for Proposals.


The significance of utilising all available resources to carry out initiatives targeted at achieving the goals of this Grants programme is taken into account in this Special Window Call for Proposals. The primary goals of this grants initiative are to safeguard and give direct support to vulnerable victims of human trafficking.

to enhance social integration, reduce re-trafficking, and enhance health and well-being among susceptible victims of human trafficking

Priority Issues and the Thematic Focus
This request for ideas aims to give financial support to non-profit groups that combat human trafficking and whose initiatives target giving vulnerable victims of the crime urgent and crucial direct assistance.

Projects that modify programmes or create interventions in the following areas will receive priority: facilitating the early identification of victims of human trafficking; integrating the use of cutting-edge tactics and technologies to promote appropriate victim aid;
Incorporate strategies for economic empowerment and financial inclusion that are centred on survivors to aid in the recovery and reintegration of victims into society.
Encourage interaction with those who have experienced human trafficking firsthand and consider trauma-informed solutions for victims' reintegration back into society.
The project must be carried out by the applicant in one of the specified nations or regions.

Projects that target individuals identified in the following scenarios will be given priority: individuals identified within significant refugee and/or migrant movements; internally displaced individuals impacted by conflict; post-conflict and ongoing instability; sociopolitical tensions; or a breakdown of law and order.
people who have been identified as being in or escaping places affected by the displacement caused by climate change.

  • Priority shall be given to projects that target the following forms of exploitation:
    • sexual exploitation
    • forced labour
    • organ removal
    • forced begging
    • forced criminal activity
    • forced marriage
    • production of pornographic material
    • recruitment of children into armed groups
    • child trafficking in Sport

Don't miss out on the application deadline which is 21st January 2024.

Scroll down for more details and click on the official link attached to apply now.

Additional Information

Host Institution
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.
Event Duration
9 months
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
Up to USD 20,000 in budgetary proposals will be given consideration for grant. Please be aware that one of the grading factors will be value for money.
Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must be non-profit organisations that are registered in their nation and have been operating since December 1, 2021, in order to be eligible for a grant. In addition to having a bank account, they must be directly in charge of the project, have assisted victims of human trafficking for at least two years, fully register on the UN Partner Portal, and take the necessary precautions to avoid sexual exploitation and abuse. The project must have been finished and all necessary reports filed if a prior grant is being submitted.

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