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FULLY FUNDED : Check out the “Telemachus” & “Athena” Mentoring Programme in the UK

The Global Thinkers Forum's "Telemachus" and "Athena" Mentoring Programme, which pairs mentees with influential people and those who are passionate about social impact, is now accepting applications.

While Athena concentrates on women, Telemachus helps young people all around the world.

The following should be known if you are chosen to be a mentee:

  • You should be open-minded when starting this connection.
  • You have to be upfront.
  • Everything you share with your mentor and the relationship you have with them will be kept private.
  • Be considerate of your mentor's time and consistently arrive on time.
  • Reject criticism by not taking offence.
  • The guidance you'll get is designed to open your eyes, broaden your ideas, and help you develop your skills. It is in no way a degree, a certification, or a qualification.
  • Your mentor is kindly lending their knowledge and time as a volunteer.
  • The program's objectives are to foster social influence and an appreciation of the value of accountability.

For all programmes, candidates must exhibit drive, dedication, and critical thinking abilities. Compose a motivational letter expressing your aims and desired goals, showcasing your comprehension of what motivates people to be mentored.

Don't miss out on the application deadline which is 30th November 2023.

For additional information, scroll down below and use the official application link.

Additional Information

Host Institution
Global Thinkers Forum's
Event Duration
8 Month
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
- GTF mentees receive tailored development opportunities to meet their specific learning requirements.
- For a duration of eight months, this opportunity aids in the development of new abilities and knowledge as well as the improvement, enrichment, and expansion of their professional and personal viewpoints.
- As part of this process, their mentees create their own goals and targets, which they accomplish with the help of their mentors.
- The UN Sustainable Development Goals are aided by the programmes.
Eligibility Criteria
- If you are a young person between the ages of 18 and 29, you are qualified to apply for "Telemachus."
- "Athena" is reserved for ladies who are over 22 and have no age restrictions. Please feel free to apply if you fit any of the criteria.
- Priority will be given to applicants who speak English fluently, have earned a bachelor's degree, or have at least five years of equivalent professional experience.
Eligible Countries
All Countries

FULLY FUNDED : Check out the “Telemachus” & “Athena” Mentoring Programme in the UK 0 reviews

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