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FULLY FUNDED : Apply for the Bayer Digital Campus Challenge 2023

Are you a student who is driven to change agriculture or health care and has a love for digital innovation? Bayer wants to put you to the test! Enroll in the Bayer Digital Campus Challenge 2023 today and submit your ideas for addressing some of the most pressing issues confronting humanity, such as the ageing and expanding global population as well as the mounting pressure on natural ecosystems.

Your project might fall under one of these headings:

Farming Driven by Data
In what ways may data-driven farming help to promote sustainable agriculture and avert a food crisis?
Decision-making in agriculture is being revolutionized by data-driven farming, which uses current field data and previous results. Smaller-scale field management is another benefit it offers farmers: single-plant farming, sub-field precision farming, and full field management are all possible. Additionally, it can encourage the use of planetary resources in a more sustainable manner.

Ethical Digital Health Behavior

In what way can they offer patients precision medicine, the ultimate goal of contemporary healthcare?
How can one contact patients, interact with them, and offer them services that they will accept while simultaneously enhancing their health and overall well-being? What if, like in Eric Topol's book of the same name, the phrase "the doctor will see you now (for a couple of minutes)" is insufficient and instead says, "the patient will see you now"?

Scientific Data Clinical Care
How might artificial intelligence and data science change the way that physicians create medications that can save patients' lives?
Clinical data science is made possible by recent advancements in low code AI technologies and data science techniques. To shorten the time it takes for patients to get pharmaceutical breakthroughs, imagine a world where clinical data is even more efficiently collected, analyzed, and interpreted.

Digital Defense
How can they guarantee digital immunity from cyberattacks and safeguard Bayer's critical data?
Are you up to the challenge of taking on one of the most important problems that multinational corporations are currently facing? They are looking for ground-breaking, risk-based, data-driven, and people-centered solutions for digital immunity to safeguard the realization of the goal "Health for all, Hunger for none."
Strong cybersecurity measures are more important than ever as businesses depend more and more on IT. Therefore, it becomes essential that they create reliable systems that can stop and lessen the harm that these dangers might bring.


Only applications that adhere to the provided guidelines, including all required information submitted via the application form, will be considered.

Don't miss the application deadline, which is 5th -November -2023.

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