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Up to $60,000 in Funding : Apply for the 2024/25 APN Collaborative Working Group Research Fellowship

The African Peacebuilding Network (APN) of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) invites applications from senior African academics and researchers based at universities, training, and policy institutions in Africa to assemble and lead collaborative research projects intended to inform policy and practice on conflict and peacebuilding on the continent.

One important programme designed to encourage cooperation and participation on peacebuilding concerns among African researchers and practitioners is the APN Collaborative Working Group Research Fellowship. It seeks to boost policy influence through knowledge development, mentorship, networking, and the connection of research to policy. Incorporating the evidence from the multidisciplinary group into regional and international peacebuilding discourse is the goal of the fellowship.

The APN will assist the working group in conducting novel, policy-relevant research on the development, application, and results of peacebuilding mechanisms and procedures in African nations and subregions that have experienced war. Research, the organisation of scholar-practitioner gatherings, and the examination of the following topics can all receive support:

  • Local peacebuilding cultures, mechanisms, and practices;
  • Inequality, poverty, and natural resource conflict;
  • UN-AU-African Regional Economic Communities (RECs) cooperation on peace and security issues;
  • African Governance Architecture (AGA) and African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA);
  • Governance, peace, security, and development
  • Women, peace, and security;
  • Transnationalization, migration, youth radicalization, extremism, and violence;
  • Climate change, peace, and security;
  • Early Warning and Response Systems; and
  • Conflict mediation mechanisms, processes, and practices
  • Institutionalizing peacebuilding: Local, national, and regional processes and mechanisms


Only applications that adhere to the provided guidelines, including all required information submitted via the application form, will be considered.

Don't miss the application deadline, which is 11th February, 2024 .

Additional Information

Host Institution
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Program Type
Fully Funded
Eligibility Criteria
The competition is open to African scholars or practitioners, with a lead investigator being a full professor at an African university. The teams must include six members from various organizations, including universities, regional organizations, government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations. The teams should reflect diversity, include professionals from various backgrounds, and foster mentoring relationships. The project encourages participation and engagement with universities and policy institutions.
Eligible Countries
African Countries
Application Procedure
The university-based lead investigator of a collaborative research working group must be a full professor with strong African peace, security, and development studies background. Applications must include a completed application form, CV, research proposal, timeline, budget, team members list, reference letters, and language evaluations. All applications must be submitted in English.

Up to $60,000 in Funding : Apply for the 2024/25 APN Collaborative Working Group Research Fellowship 0 reviews

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