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FULLY FUNDED : Apply for the UK Acumen Fellowship programme to address poverty

Applications are open for the UK Acumen Fellowship programme to address poverty

Committed to promoting social change and ending poverty, Acumen Academy includes the UK Acumen Fellowship. With the purpose of tackling issues related to poverty, this programme for reflective leadership brings together remarkable people from all backgrounds. With the help of the programme, they may become more impactful leaders and get the knowledge, abilities, and community they need to achieve this.

Fully sponsored and Inclusive: One outstanding feature of the UK Acumen Fellowship is that it is entirely sponsored, making it open to applicants from all backgrounds. Fellows come from a variety of backgrounds, address a range of topics, and live in diverse places. They are united by a common goal to create a society based on respect for human dignity. The programme distinguishes itself by prioritising values-based leadership and diversity.

The Foundry Community: Upon programme completion, Fellows join a group of peers with similar goals committed to building a society founded on dignity. They have access to funding, mentoring, and ongoing education through this broad network, which guarantees they will have lifelong support as they fight to advance social change.

With more than 17 years of experience, the Fellowship programme gives Fellow Candidates the knowledge and abilities they need to successfully lead social change. To build a community of change-makers, it blends online assignments, virtual workshops, and in-person lectures. Through the practise of new leadership techniques, the extension of influence across larger populations, and the transformation of beliefs and behaviour, the programme has an impact on individuals, organisations, and society.

Fellows become part of The Foundry, a worldwide community that reimagines achievement and addresses structural poverty by igniting Moral Leadership practises. Alumni receive resources, financial capital, and mentorship along with lifetime support.

Those who have been shortlisted are invited to attend the virtual Selection Conference, which is scheduled for January 19 and 20, 2024.

Additional Information

Event Duration
25 days
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
Fellows come from all walks of life - they work in all sectors, industries, and issue areas, and share the determination and vision to build a world based on dignity. The Fellows Program supports the Fellows' impact across three levels:

- Individual: Fellows are challenged to reflect on their values and behavior, and to change the way they think of and engage with larger systems to create a world based on dignity
- Organizational: The program offers a space to practice new leadership methods that create different outcomes in their teams and organizations
- Societal: The program enables a deeper understanding of how to extend the influence directly or through the organizational work across their broader communities and ecosystems
Eligibility Criteria
- Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience and should be able to demonstrate their commitment to solving issues of poverty*.
- Applicants should demonstrate their ability and willingness to give (contributing their knowledge, experiences, networks, and/or ideas) and receive support from the Foundry.
- Applicants are clear on why now is the right time to invest in their leadership, and have demonstrated a readiness to participate in a cohort-based learning experience that brings together different identities, beliefs and experiences.
- Applicants must have a reliable internet connection, be fully available to participate throughout the entirety of the program, and be able to participate in English or Spanish depending on the region and medium of instruction.
Eligible Countries
All Countries
Application Procedure
November 9th is the commencement date of the 2023 application period. On January 19 and 20, 2024, those who make the short list will take part in a virtual Selection Conference. Starting on February 9th, 2024, the fellowship programme consists of both virtual sessions and residential courses.

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