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FULLY FUNDED TO UK : Apply for the Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs at University of Westminster

The University of Westminster is currently accepting applications for its undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in the United Kingdom.

An international student can study for a bachelor's and master's degree in the UK with the full funding of this scholarship. A UK Scholarship is available for all University of Westminster undergraduate and graduate programmes.

The University of Westminster scholarship covers living expenses in addition to tuition. Thanks to this fully-funded UK scholarship, this is the best chance for a foreign student to study in the UK for nothing.


  • Bachelor
  • High School

A diverse array of academic disciplines shapes the landscape of education and professional pursuits, ranging from the captivating realms of tourism, anthropology, and archaeology to the analytical fields of accounting, astrophysics, and mathematics.

Engineering, encompassing aerospace, civil, and mechanical branches, addresses the technological needs of society, while business and economics guide financial landscapes. Fields such as environmental science, ecology, and sustainable development underscore the importance of addressing global challenges.

Journalism and media navigate the world of communication, while law and political science explore governance and societal structures.

The health sciences, including medicine, nursing, and neurobiology, contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Cultural studies, linguistics, and modern languages enrich our understanding of diverse societies.

From software engineering to machine learning, technology plays a pivotal role in our interconnected world.

The social sciences, encompassing sociology, psychology, and criminology, delve into human behavior and societal patterns.

Whether it's the intricate details of art history or the exploration of space science, each discipline contributes uniquely to the collective knowledge and progress of humanity, reflecting the multifaceted nature of academic and professional pursuits.

Don't miss out on the application deadline which is 7th July 2024.

Scroll down for more details and click on the official link attached to apply now.

Additional Information

Host Institution
University of Westminster
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
- The entire cost of the luxury accommodation
- Living expenses
- Travel from and to London.
- Annual renewal of the scholarship is contingent upon maintaining a satisfactory academic standing.
Eligibility Criteria
- Must be from underdeveloped nations or come from a low- to middle-class family.
- Need to be exceptionally talented academically.
-Need for money and room for growth.
Eligible Countries
All Countries
Application Procedure
- To enrol in a course at the University of Westminster, you must first request and accept an offer. You can apply for a scholarship after the admissions office sends you an email or confirmation letter following an unconditional or conditional offer of admission to a course.
- Applying for admission to the selected courses must be done at least six weeks prior to the scholarship application deadline, as it may take four to six weeks to get a course offer.
- Once you have received the course offer letter, fill out the registration form, download it, attach the required paperwork, and mail it to the university.

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