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FULLY FUNDED TO CHINA : Check out the ANSO Scholarship 2024 

The fully funded ANSO Scholarship 2024 in China is currently accepting applications. I'm sure you're wondering what ANSO is.The Alliance of International Organisations, or ANSO, is a non-profit organisation with the goals of advancing science and technology, enhancing living standards, and fostering better communication and collaboration.

This organisation was founded by nearly 37 universities, international organisations, and scientific institutions from around the world. China provides all of the funding for the international student scholarship. Scholarships for master's and doctoral programmes are available through the Alliance for International Science Organisations scholarship programme 2024.

Young, gifted future scientists who wish to study master's and doctoral degrees overseas are eligible for the scholarship China offers. The ANSO Scholarship 2024, which is completely supported, aims to develop and teach young scientists worldwide. For master's students, ANSO provides 200 fully supported scholarships; for PhD students, it funds 300 scholarships.

The University of Science and Technology of China, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) all offer the fully-funded Chinese Government Scholarship. Founded in 1958, USTC is the original University Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is currently well-known throughout the world and one of China's most prestigious colleges. China's University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is a cutting-edge graduate school focused university.

The ANSO-CAS-TWAS/UNESCO PhD Scholarship is a subcategory of the Scholarship that was formally introduced in 2022. This programme is in line with TWAS/UNESCO's priorities, and it will give particular attention to two target groups: women and Least Development Countries (LDCs). TWAS/UNESCO will choose up to 50 PhD candidates from underdeveloped nations each year for this category.

The founding member of ANSO will serve as the scholarship sponsor. The ANSO Scholarship 2024 for Young Talents is fully funded. All eligible students are welcome to apply for the China Scholarship 2024. For all programmes, this completely financed scholarship at Chinese universities has a varied tenure, and it won't be extended in any way. Chinese institutions are currently regarded among the best in the world, which is another reason why a lot of students are going there for higher education in addition to the country's low cost of living. China provides several forms of financial aid, such as government and institutional scholarships.

For the academic year 2024, ANSO is offering 500 fully-funded scholarships. There is no application fee, so don't worry about making the payment and apply. International students can study for free in China in 2024 thanks to the fully funded ANSO scholarship. Apply right away for the fully funded Scholarship 2024 for international students to avoid missing this opportunity.

Don't miss out on the application deadline February 15th, 2024.

Scroll down for more details and click on the official link attached to apply now.

Additional Information

Host Institution
Alliance of International Organisations (ANSO)
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
The fully funded scholarship in China includes health insurance, travel expenses, a waiver of the application and tuition fees, a monthly stipend for master's and doctoral candidates, and assistance with visa and residency permit applications. However, scholarship termination may occur if annual assessments are not completed.
Eligibility Criteria
For master's programmes, candidates must be fluent in Chinese or English and born after January 1994; for PhD programmes, applicants must be born after January 1989. Eligibility criteria include not accepting other projects or assignments, being an international student, and not pursuing a master's or PhD at a Chinese university.
Eligible Countries
All Countries expect China

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